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Line Keeper
Line Spool Holder
Oar stops - 2 styles
Rod holder
Boat drain plugs
Lead sinker holders - 2 styles
2" dia. Foam Backer Rod
Mouse Ears
Lead storage bag
Gunnel guard extrusion
Hook Grabber
Drift boat trailer kickstand
The Fish Hanger
Jumbo size cutting board
Caddis Jack's Back Strap
3/8"thk x 4' x 6' black recycled rubber mat
1/2"thk x 4' x 6' black recycled rubber mat
3/4"thk x 4' x 6' black recycled rubber mat

The Line Keeper is the last word in line control!
Adjusts to fit any size line or leader spool!

"The Line Keeper was our first product. It was developed to replace the outdated rubber band for your extra line and leader spools. They adjust to fit any size spool by adjusting the elastic strap from either end of the plastic coupler. Any excess elastic can be trimmed off as needed but it is recommended that you leave an inch excess on either end for best performance. The Line Keeper helps minimize down time due to tangles in line spools and searching for the end of your line.

The Line Keeper's black plastic coupler is formulated from one of the toughest abrasion resistant compounds available today. This material is UV stable and is impervious to all types of weather. The plastic will not abrade or groove when pulling fishing line through the center hole. There is nothing to rust and this product is ideal for use in either salt or fresh water. It works great with both mono and braided lines from 1 lb to 300 lb test.

If the Line Keeper elastic is left out and exposed to the sun for several seasons at a time, the elasticity will eventually break down and lose it's stretch. You can get replacement elastic at any sewing or craft related store. You want to use 3/8" wide elastic. Save the black plastic coupler and re-use it with new elastic and you are good to go for several more fishing seasons.

Because of the Line Keepers success, we have added a host of other products that the fisherman needs and uses every day while fishing. A lot of these products are made for the drift boat and power boat fisherman. We have boat drain plugs for 1"dia holes, molded rubber rod holders, oar stops (both regular and anchor rite style), lead sinker holders (2 styles), gunnel guard for drift boats and sleds, jumbo fish cleaning boards, Foam hook grabbers, Leader Hold'ns, and foam backer rod for storage of pre-tied fishing rigs.

As advertised in Salmon Trout Steelheader magazine, and www.ifish.net
We are members of the NW Steelheaders.

CCA Member

Both Visa and Master Card welcome.

 Featured Product
Drift boat trailer kickstand
Drift boat trailer kickstand
Drift Boat Trailer Kickstand ****** Finally there is a safe and reliable method for propping up your drift boat without using an old saw horse, bucket or piece of 2X4. And it won't ever fill up with water as long as you removed your drain plug.***** How many times have you had to worry about your kids or pets knocking over the saw horse or 2X4 and getting hurt or injured? Eliminate that worry with this stand.***** This stand installs in about 10 minutes or less and all you need for installation is a 9/16" wrench. It bolts to the tongue of your trailer with 2 U-bolts. Fits 2 & 3" trailer tongues.***** When using you remove the locking pin and tilt your boat up and the leg will drop in place. The leg telescopes up to 4.5' in length. To lock it you just push the locking pin into one of 3 locking holes. Done!***** When not using all you need to do is pull the locking pin and lock the leg up in the travel position and you are ready to go fish. Done!***** This product is simple, easy to use and very efficient. Perfect for storage and cleaning of your boat.***** It's made in the U.S.A and fabricated using 11 gauge steel and .093" tube steel with a powder coat finish. It ships to you in a 15 lb box that is 6"x6"x48" in size.
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